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Why Fit Matters

The YORK Fit Finder: A Better Way to Find The Perfect Fit

Try our new 3D measurement tool to find your sneaker size using only your phone. Try now.

3 Out Of 5 People Are Wearing The Wrong Size Sneaker

Crazy right? So we set out to make the world’s best fitting sneaker because when your kicks fit, you’re fit to work hard, fit to work out, and fit to be you - an everyday fighter.

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Your Best Performance Starts With The Best Fitting Sneaker

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. All of our sneaker designs are optimized for fit. What the hell does that mean you ask? Our proprietary last shape is engineered with over 52 points of measurement to promote a slipper like fit, balance, comfort and support. The minimal upper pattern creates a 3-dimensional form that perfectly takes the shape of the last that we worked so hard to perfect.

No extra BS... no unnecessary overlays or big logos, just a no nonsense trainer built for you to perform at your best.

The Proof

Caitlin Conner


Caitlin is an adaptive mom, competitive athlete, boxer, model, and CEO & Founder of @bemoreadaptive, whose mission is to help the world be more inclusive and adaptive. A longtime YORK brand ambassador and wear tester, Caitlin loves our footwear fit.

The 3 'Fit Points' That Create The Best Fitting Sneaker:


Precision fit in the forefoot area to promote stability and balance. Our toe box shape is more round than oval, which allows toes to rest in a natural position which protects them and helps prevent injury.


Relaxed fit in the midfoot area results in a sneaker that fits more people. It accommodates a taller foot, as well as allowing volume in the instep area. A clever fit ratio that is the ultimate in comfort, promotes easy on / easy off and creates that 'slipper like fit' YORK Athletics is known for.


Snug fit in the heel area promotes ‘heel lock down’ which is critical in a performance sneaker to perform at your best. Our molded foam collar and sockliner heel sidewall will keep your heel in place while you’re in motion which will help prevent injury.

“The current fitting methods in the footwear industry are outdated. Consumers today deserve a better fit. As an independent brand, we've been able to maintain focus on improving and innovating fit.”

- Mark McGarry, YORK Athletics Co-Founder & CEO

Our Fit Promise

If you don’t love our kicks after 30 days, we’ll help find you a pair that fit you like a glove or refund your hard-earned cash, hassle-free.

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