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The Henry Mid Leather Half & Half Trainer


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The Henry Mid Leather Half & Half Trainer

Color: Half and Half
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  • “The Very Stylish Sneaker You Can Wear In and Out of the Gym”
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A sneaker as beautiful as it is functional, the Henry Mid Leather Half & Half is the perfect sneaker for winter weather. The full grain leather construction is inspired by YORK Athletics’ family history making athletic footwear from 1946 to 1980 at Indian Head Shoe Company in Manchester, NH, most notably custom leather high top cleats made for NFL Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas. Back in the day, athletic sneakers were constructed using all leather because it protected so well from the elements while being extremely durable. YORK Athletics brings this all leather construction back in homage to its family history, as well as a reminder that leather is an extremely wearable, durable material perfect for performance footwear.

The leather upper has micro perforations, which makes it breathable while still protecting your feet from the elements. Made to wear in, not out, the more you wear these babies, the more supple and comfortable they become. And the classic color blocking – half white and half black – is inspired by one of our best-sellers.