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Celebrate Your Team

The YORK family has been manufacturing quality sportswear in New England for teams and underdogs since 1946. Now in our third generation, YORK Athletics continues to design dependable, quality footwear with the same standards today.


It’s in our blood.


Celebrate Your Team

Show your badass team how much you appreciate their hard work and dedication by gifting them a pair of YORK sneakers.

We offer three packages for you to choose from. The bigger the order, the larger the discount.

Package 1

Give a Pair, Get a Pair

Corona Virus Relief Package featuring the Henry Sweatshirt

For every pair purchased for a team member, we will match your order with a donation in your company's name to the individuals on the frontline keeping us safe from COVID-19.


Orders greater than 15 pairs will receive an additional 10% off.

15 PAIRS AOV $135 = $2,025
10% discount = -$202.50
your total cost = $1,822.50

Value before discount $4,050

Package 2

Bulk Discount

The more you buy, the bigger the discount. This is the best bang for your buck and includes all footwear options.

10-20 Pairs

20% Discount

15 pairs AOV $135 = $2,025
with 20% discount = $1,620

That's a savings of $405

20-50 PAIRS

25% Discount

35 pairs AOV $135 = $4,725
with 25% discount = $3,543.75

That’s a savings of $1,181.25

50-100 PAIRS

30% Discount

75 pairs AOV $135 = $10,125
with 30% discount = $7,087.50

That’s a savings of $3,037.50

100+ PAIRS

40% Discount

100 pairs AOV $135 = $13,500
with 40% discount = $8,100

That’s a savings of $5,400

Customization for personal inspiration
Back Bay Boxing Gym supporting Haymakers for Hope to help raise money for cancer research

Package 3

Customized Kicks For Your Team

Featuring the Henry Mid Canvas

The Henry Mid Canvas is a blank canvas for your team logo, words of inspiration or art of your choice. We can either work with an artist you know or collaborate with one based on how you’d like to customize these for your team. Businesses can customize the Henry Mid Canvas to their liking.


Orders greater than 15 pairs will receive an additional 10% off.

15 PAIRS AOV $135 = $2,025
10 % Discount = -$202.50

without customization = $1,822.50

with customization = $5 – $50 per shoe
depending on the level of customization

ChalkBos for LOCO South Boston

Let's Do This.

To place your team order, please contact:

Rob Gibson

Customer Service & Operation Manager