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Elvin Johnson

"I fight to believe in myself."

Amateur Fighter

My name is Elvin Johnson. I'm a 26-year-old meditator and amateur fighter that's part of the Rajasi Muay Thai team in Boston, MA. I fight to believe in myself everyday.

Elvin Johnson
Elvin Johnson
Elvin Johnson

My fight is worth it because it's who I am and at the end of the day it gives me purpose. Everything is a fight and my fight is my life -- it's everything to me. Without it, without the drive to fight, you're not going to do anything. You don't have to necessarily be punching someone in the face to have your fight. But, you fight with yourself everyday. We all fight with ourselves. And if you don't have that fight, at the end of the day you're shorting yourself. You're playing yourself so to speak.

Elvin Johnson
Elvin Johnson

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