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Be Positive!: Marilyn Rondon |MENTAL|


We've been secret admirers of Marilyn Rondon since stumbling across her mural work a few years back. She was this gorgeous girl, skin covered in ink (and showing lots of it), with her hands in seemingly every creative pot there is. What wasn't to like? But the admiration turned to mad respect when a few months back, we noticed a big shift in the work she was putting out in the world. Marilyn was giving us an open and provocative perspective on mental health & body image issues. So we decided to reach out. A few lengthy phone calls and a long stream of texts later, Marilyn was sitting in front of the camera with her friend and collaborator, Jonny Hall, to share her story with us. We were so taken by her willingness to speak of her struggles with mental health and addictions, her eagerness to share all she's learned about using exercise and meditation to find her way out of that darkness, and her determination to break down the taboos of these topics. Needless to say, we had found our muse.
A few weeks later, Marilyn was on a plane from her home base of Miami to ours in Boston to shoot our launch campaign with long time homey Jon Humphries and our local training mentors, Kevin Cobbs & Jay Kelly. Check back for the full campaign look book when we launch on February 27, 2016.




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