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Lover or Fighter? |MENTAL|


Photo: Lindsey Byrnes


When you hear the word fighter, what comes to mind? Well we want to challenge whatever image you just conjured up. We have a feeling that the image you’re picturing is something physical. Well we’re here to tell you that being a fighter isn’t a physical thing, rather it’s a mindset. It’s the mindset of facing your fears, not backing down, and getting up again when you get knocked down. Does that sound like you? Are you someone who, when faced with a challenge, you power through it? Are you someone who does the hard work it takes to get what you want? Yeah we thought so.

When we say Footwear for Fighters, we’re not talking about only footwear for boxers, or  UFC fighters. No, no, we’re talking about footwear for people who are working on getting mentally and physically strong. We’re talking footwear for people who are putting in work to get what they want, who aren’t cutting corners, and who aren’t compromising.

Two of our biggest influences, Marilyn Rondon, Miami based artist and trainer, and Lindsey Byrnes, LA based photographer, recently got together and had a conversation about what being a fighter means to them. Listen to this intimate conversation between two inspiring humans below.


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