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What Is Out Of Step? |MENTAL|



YORK Athletics Fam,

When you hear the word fighter, what comes to mind? We want to change your perception of what being a fighter really means. We believe that having a 'fighting mindset' is beneficial to live a more fulfilling, healthy and happier life. Facing your fears, choosing to be positive day after day, and getting back up after you've been plowed over…none of these are easy things to do, but learning to find enjoyment in embracing them makes it so much easier to grow personally, professionally and to pursue your own path in life without giving a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Have you ever asked someone that has achieved any sense of true happiness, balance and success (however you choose to define) how they got there? We guarantee you that they will trace it back to a similar mindset serving as the guiding force along the way.

This is our mission with Out of Step, our bad ass wellness journal featuring real and inspiring stories. It’s hard these days to find an authentic and relatable source for our community when it comes to healthy living. Tag along with us and enjoy the inspiring stories from our misfit crew of athletes, entrepreneurs, artists and musicians who continue to persevere, blaze their own trail and reap the benefits.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mark McGarry, Co-Founder & CEO




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