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Attention! Attention! Put Down The Splenda! |CULTURE|

OK this one is a tough one to write, but we have to do it. It's time to say goodbye to the Diet Coke, and everything else that contains Splenda. While it may be a delicious, mid day snack, it just has to go. According to this story by Well and Good, the Splenda that's making your snacks 0 calories is maybe killing you. 

We reached out to our friend, professional chef Jess Roy, owner of Shiso Kitchen in Boston, and asked her how someone could make a delicious drink that's still good for you. Here's what she said:

"For a healthied-up soda replacement, try half club soda, half coconut water (an electrolyte punch!) and your choice of fruit like pineapple chunks, lime wedges or berries for natural sweetness.

If you're looking for a sugar substitute look to Mother Nature and use agave syrup or real honey."

 Thanks Jess!


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