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Soak Up Some Sun |MENTAL|

Now that winter's over it's time to ditch the gym, head outside, and soak up some sun. It may be common knowledge that spending time outside makes us feel happier but did you also know that the sun provides us with some much-needed vitamin D, increasing the natural production of serotonin? This has been the subject of countless studies over the years, and is believed to be a neurotransmitter that is responsible for maintaining a balance in your mood and combating depression. We didn't make this up! Dr. Timo Partonen and his colleagues at the University of Helsinki's National Public Health Institute in Finland recently did a test that concluded that blood levels of cholecalciferol (one of the five forms of Vitamin D) naturally peak in the fall months. So getting more exposure to sunlight during the summer may help you build up a store of cholecalciferol that lasts through the fall. So now that the sun is out, take some time to soak it up ( in moderation, of course!), your body will thank you come December...

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