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Stay Motivated! |MENTAL|

Staying motivated is hard. That's right. I said it. There's so much shit out there that's way easier, and more fun to do then put in work. But is all of it rewarding? That's the real question? Will what you're doing make you feel good for a long time, or a just a quick second.

Wasting the day never feels good. It's a pretty bad feeling leaving work and thinking "damn I didn't do anything all day." In order to never feel that way I follow these four tips by time management Allyson Lewis that I found on Fast Company that I use to selvedge my wasted days. These tips include setting a timer, setting and completing five short goals, defaulting to micor-actions. You can check the whole list here.

 When staying motivated and becoming self disciplined becomes a habit, that's when it gets fun, and moves you closer to your goals.  It gets fun and you won't want to stop. Its like what Kevin says in his video below. Check it out.


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