Forbes says Do This and You Will Be Successful |MENTAL|


Do you want to be successful? How ever you define success (wealth, free time, work balance), we're talking hugely successful in that realm.

Well according to Forbes magazine, and our own experience, waking up early is a common trait in CEO's, influencers, and just all around ballers.  Yeah we know... "Your bed is so warm, so cozy, so comfortable."But Forbes has a good point. When you wake up early it allows you to do so much more. Our CEO, Mark lives and breathes this. He's up at 5 am every day, hitting the gym by 6, and into cracking into the emails to power us forward by 8. 

When you get up early and go to the gym before work,  you're able to release endorphins, and put yourself in a good mood. Waking up early also helps you eat better during the day. When you wake up early you're not rushed, so you're able to eat a breakfast, rather than just running out the door with a coffee. 

Our top five reasons for waking up early are:

1. You'll Exercise more

2. You'll be able to better map out your day.

3. You'll be able to eat a better breakfast.

4. You'll be able to have that much needed quiet time to visualize your day, and what you want to accomplish.

5: You'll be able to make your day top heavy, so by the time your day is winding down, all the hard things are taken care of.


 Marilyn Rondon started waking up earlier once she started exercising and getting her life on track. Watch her video here:




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