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Pump up the Tunes, Put down the Podcast (at the gym) |PHYSICAL|

Do you listen to podcasts when you're working out? What about watch TV on the little screens that are on the machines? Well you may want to chill on the Netflix... According to a study by Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University in London, it found that listening to music fully enhanced a person's workout, and that it could be classified as a "type of legal performance-enhancing drug." If you can find the right tunes, your workout will be much more intense, longer, and you'll probably get in better shape faster.

So it's not so much that listening to podcasts is bad, it's just that listening to a kick-ass playlist is just that much better. Do you have a favorite one? Looking for a new one? Well don't worry, we got you. Check out Marilyn Rondon's kick ass playlist right here:


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