Our Muse Wrote a Book...|CULTURE|


If you follow us on Instagram, you probably know that Marilyn Rondon aka @calientechica is our muse. When we discovered her Tumblr, we knew that we just had to work with her. She's a total badass... In-between being a DJ, a model, a photographer, a trainer, a boxer, a zine creator, and a mental health advocate, Marilyn was able to find the time to write, and illustrate a new children's book called "Why Does Mommy Have Tattoos?" When people say "hustle harder", we think this is what they're talking about...

Taste the Style has an awesome interview with Marilyn where she talks about who her dream date would be, her tattoos, and what went into creating her new book, check it out here. And pick up a copy of her book here or here!


Have you seen our video we made with Marilyn?! Well check it out below...



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