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LA Trip Day 1 | Erick Thomas | Little Tokyo

It felt good getting out of the studio a few weeks back. We’ve been cranking so hard on product these last few months, it was nice to get some perspective, grab a shake at In-N-Out Burger and hang with the peeps we’re making this gear for. Meet our west coast familia and some of the fellas that inspired us to start this movement.

This dude has been a huge source of inspiration for me. Man it’s hard to t up this guy…insane illustrator, blue collar designer, builder, digital maker. End of the day he’s the guy you just need around on your squad. He keeps you sane, laughing and blows your mind with whatever he puts in front of you. Erick’s been a key player for YORK Athletics Mfg. on the design front and we go way back. He was my all-star footwear designer at PUMA and we worked on so many sick projects over the years that took us all over the world…too many late nights drinking Taiwanese beer & eating fish bellies. Funny enough I caught up with Erick at his home in Little Tokyo in downtown LA and we found ourselves back in the Asian markets and drinking Sapporo next to his pool…creatures of comfort I guess.




Hey! Congrats on the new line. Looks amazeballs and great to see you’re working with Erick again. Seems like life is good! Sending a hug from London. X

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