LA Trip Day 4 | Andrew Petterson | Huntington Beach

Over the years I could always count on this dude for picking me up at LAX in his old Mercedes with surf boards hanging out the windows and getting me in the water quickly after a long flight from the east coast. During one of these sessions he told me about a gnarly health scare that had happened to him over the last year. Basically his body shut down, he was bedridden and no one could figure out what was wrong. Some very real scary shit. Frustrated he starting seeking advice from a Naturopathic Doctor and was quickly diagnosed and forced to open his mind & body up to new ways of healing. Through a healthy diet, daily meditation, cycling and his art he nursed himself back to health. Its crazy now, you can actually see a little glow in Andrew’s eyes…some magical stuff or perhaps just being disciplined about your health & well being is something that most people overlook and never truly master.

Andrews story inspired us to share his journey and mindset, keep an eye out for his interview dropping on Out of Step soon.

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