Kevin Cobbs Wants To Give You A Hug |MENTAL|


How does one of the kindest & most real dudes you know get a nickname like ‘The Vermont Bully’ ? Well,  when you’re a pro light heavyweight boxer with a 9(3)-0-1 record and you live and breathe the sport day in and day out. As a teenager Kevin moved up to Burlington, VT and after years of putting in the work, fighting his way to the top, he became Vermont’s first professional boxer in over 30 years. By sticking to his mantra, “Get it till it’s got” he brought home 2 major awards in 2012. The CES Fight of The Year and the KO of The Year awards.

Way before YORK Athletics Mfg. was born, I had been training with Kevin at a local boxing gym. We’d see each other throughout the week, I’d bring him up to speed on this project during my morning workouts. Over months of mitt work he had heard it all; the ups, the downs, the mistakes and lessons learned.

photo: eagle sports photography

In true coach style he kept encouraging me and supporting this idea that there are a lot of people in the world that don’t identify with what the major brands are doing; the obnoxious messaging, the crazy BS technology stories, the neon everything.

Launching a new brand in an extremely competitive market will flip your whole life upside down. All the things you were so sure of are being questioned from every angle. You have to keep your focus centered, stay balanced and fight like champ everyday to realize your vision. You can’t let those people make you question what you know in your gut to be true. If there’s anyone who can stand by that sentiment, it’s my homie Kevin.

This dude loves what he does, he’s dedicated to his craft and to teaching others the hard lesson that we have to face the fight inside all of us to grow and become better human beings. It’s up to us to put in the work and get through the battles, “I FIGHT for my family and my legacy! I FIGHT to reach my goals.” Kevin’s played a huge part in keeping me on my toes, both in the ring and in the studio. He’s a great example of where balance, dedication and hard work can land you. Keep an eye out for our coverage of Kevin’s upcoming fight on October 3rd.



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