Kevin Cobbs vs Ralph Johnson

So proud of our boy Kevin for his big win last night, it had been over 2 years since his last professional fight so this one meant a lot to him. He was confident and calm; controlling every minute of the fight. It was awesome seeing him back in there doing his thing. ‘Now I got the jitters out’, Kevin laughed climbing down from the ring before we hugged it out.

Kevin Cobbs vs Ralph Johnson

His opponent, Ralph Johnson was no joke, an MMA fighter with a few professional boxing matches under his belt, Johnson had a crazy long reach and an unpredictable MMA fighting style. It was so sick watching Kevin observing & patiently adapting his approach in the first two rounds. Then in round 3 Kevin unloaded and knocked Johnson down 3 times and it was over. The place went nuts, it felt like half the ticket holders were there for Kevin and I’d say that sounds about right. He inspires so many of us everyday at the gym to fight our own fights and persevere. I left the arena so fueled and mentally strong. Thank you Kevin !

Kevin Cobbs Boxing

Kevin Cobbs Boxing

Kevin's next professional fight is coming up this month, we'll keep you posted as the details firm up. Please come out, support and join us for some cold ones, if you’re interested email us at for more info so we can meet up and watch "The Vermont Bully" go to work.

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