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Always charging forward w/ Matty Johnson |MENTAL|

York Athletics Mfg. Matty Johnson Skateboarding

If you're a part of the east coast skate family or 90's Boston hardcore scene then you probably know Matty Johnson - skateboarder, soccer player, teacher, husband & father. Matty's always going hard, no matter what it is, if he's decided to spend time on something he's giving it his all. This is highly visible in his skating and he's charging just as hard today as he was 10 years ago. This hustle and passion has clearly influenced his son Tucker who is an all around ripper and is always carrying the PMA torch, making us all proud over here at YORK Athletics Mfg. 

We pinned Matty down for this little interview. Enjoy and keep your eyes out for this dude out and about town, he ain't going anywhere.


Jillian Deschenes


Greatest teacher I’ve ever had/will ever have.



Pretty awesome story. The editing of skate videos is not easy and this is done to perfection.

YORK Athletics Mfg.


Hell yeah, thanks for stopping by

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