This September All City took a fitness field trip to NYC with our YORKs to check out all things boxing in a city known for the best of the best. Since our business is centered around boxing fitness (think: boxing, no face punching) we wanted to check out this growing industry and the gyms and studios that have made it so successful. Let's just say we met with success & the double daily workouts helped to combat the food & drinks we encountered along the way.

Here is our guide to some of our favs in a top 5 breakdown (in no particular order):


Church Street Gym w. Martinez Boxing

We have a long Instagram relationship with Martinez and were super excited to finally meet him. We booked a private at Church Street which he trains clients out of (he also trains at Overthrow) and set up to basically have our asses handed to us for an hour. Such a pleasant reminder that we are not “fight ready." Tons of pads and fun combos, Martinez did an excellent job of pushing us to our full capacity and making every minute count. If you need to motivate anyone, chances are you just holler “Lets go champ!” and they get going..worked for us. He runs bootcamps with our friends at @sweatscale and teaches a “Mexican Style Ring Work” class at Overthrow!

#HitEmWithTheHotShit @martinez_boxing




Let's just say we found our gym muse. Overthrow is the exact hybrid of grit, vibe & authenticity that we appreciate and try to offer our classes. We took a few classes here and also did a private with one of our favorite new humans Dan Halen, cool name, cool guy- @jameson_daniels. Classes are also generally 45 min and a number are done in a darkly lit room that we came to really like (everyone looks better sweating it out in the dark!). At Overthrow F bombs are tolerated, as well as the NYC no break policy and it had a nice mix of bag work, mitt work, partner drills and body weight training. All the trainers there seem to have license to be themselves so the teaching feels relatable (at least to us) and genuine. Smoke your smokes. Drink your beers. Work hard ‘til the bell. They are also actively involved in their community, driving around an anti-Trump vehicle getting people registered to vote. Basically if we lived in NYC, we would be there everyday. #GymCrush
Did we mention all their trainers have pretty extensive fight resumes?


Gleasons w. Heather “The Heat” Hardy

Before we did “boxing fitness” we both had minor stints in amateur boxing and so our love and appreciation of the sport is still at the heart of what we do. Gleasons is one of New York’s best fighting gyms breeding tons of world champs. Heather Hardy has been on our radar for a while (18-0) and we had the pleasure of boxing two privates with her and her coach Devon Cormack. REAL DEAL...these sessions reminded us that we always have so much to learn which is why boxing is so engaging as a sport #SweetScience. Heather also runs group classes in the mornings, either way she is super down to earth, bad ass and will likely be your next WCW.





Another suggestion from a client who had recently visited NYC, WTF was a pleasant surprise. One of the hardest workouts but so dynamic and engaging we barely noticed. We didn't realize that people in NYC do not take breaks during the workout. This session was an hour and we literally didn’t stop. The space is super busy with PT and other classes which gives it a nice community feel. They also do a ton of youth outreach program which is rad. If you have a chance take Eric Nieves class @adrenaline_sessions -- it will not disappoint. Eric is the local chapter President of the NFAC (No Foolin’ Around Club) but the session was one of the most fun and highly enaging. #NoFatigue




A bunch of our clients have been here and it’s certainly one of the most well known. Shadowbox had a really nice clean aesthetic and feel.  Classes are held in a dark room (which we were apprehensive about initially) and consist of bag work with intervals of body weight exercises for around 45min. We found the vibe to be super accessible to people who would normally not choose boxing as part of their workout regime. Our only regret was not trying out some of the other instructors who we follow on insta. Next time we are in town we will for sure be checking out @jeremiah.maestre & @raymondmontalvo who have some pretty stacked boxing backgrounds!


YORK brand ambassadors Anna Farrant and Jordan Bowers are coaches, personal trainers and co-founders of All-City Athletics, a boutique boxing fitness brand in Vancouver that offers group classes, one-on-one training and special events. To learn more about them or take a class, ck them out:


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