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As crazy as this may sound, turns out we are the first brand in the performance footwear industry (therefore, the first in the universe, which is pretty epic) that makes, sells and markets truly unisex products. But what the hell does that mean and why should you care?

There’s a dirty little secret that goes on behind the walls at the most established footwear companies… A sneaker that is first designed and marketed with men in mind, will then get its turn as a woman’s option, but not before it goes through the process infamously know as “Shrink-It and Pink-It.” Kinda bullshit, right?

At a time when all kinds of labels are being rightly questioned: she, he, feminine, masculine, “performance” or “lifestyle,” for that matter — we’ve never been more sure of our commitment to redefine labels or eradicate them completely.

This shared philosophy is in part what drove our operating & founding team to leave the safety of those most established footwear giants, and take our combined 75 years’ experience in the sneaker game to the people. Confidently offering the SAME versatile (performance meets streetwear-ready) sneaker for everyone (her, him, they, US).

When we design a shoe, we design it with all of you in mind as our muse. When we test a shoe, we throw it on our growing roster of badass people to get equally weighted feedback.

And when we do “Pink-It” (Palm Pink, to be exact), we never “Shrink-It.”


Photo credit: Buck "shadow master" Squibb


Mark Battista


As a father to two 10 year old girls this makes me very happy. It’s a modern product design philosophy that is incredibly needed and surprisingly rare. Younger consumers don’t see the world or products through a “male or female” lens…brands who do the same will win with them. Is it possible to share this content?

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