Rajasi Muay Thai Team


A year ago, Mark (YORK Athletics co-founder / CEO & my husband) and I started training alongside the Rajasi Muay Thai team at our neighborhood dojo in South Boston. What started as a guilt trip by the dojo's owner, Sensei Andrea Muccini, of the regarded Ultimate Self Defense & Performance Training Center, to 'get off our asses' and workout while our kids were in karate class has resulted in a mild obsession with our coach and his band of outsiders.

We somehow found ourselves training amidst an insanely dedicated, relentlessly hard-working, naturally talented, diverse group of individuals. Not historically one for organized team sports, I had to take notice of the incredible power of being part of a team. Although at the end of the day, these fighters must face their opponent one-on-one in the ring, it's this community, this family, this team that helps get them there. 


So with this, the concept of TEAM became our inspiration for the Fall/ Winter 2017 collection. Starting first with the traditional mainstays of school colors that we've each grown to love or loathe: maroon, navy, hunter green - we've grounded the palette in black and a hint of team gold. The team theme was also fitting considering that the YORK family has been outfitting professional athletes and teams since the 1940’s.

Inspired by the photography of Jamel Shabazz and Danny Lyon, they had us feeling some serious #squadgoals.

Jamel Shabazz, The Find Magazine

Danny Lyon, The Atlantic

Z-Boys Team (photographer unknown)

We called upon the teams we admire and envy most for their tight knit crews from coast to coast: the All-City Athletics fam in Vancouver, BC, led by Anna Farrant & Jordan Bowers, and our very own Rajasi Muay Thai team led by Xavier Ramos. Shot in their hometown training grounds and places of rest, we're feeling the love and hope you do, too.

The All-City Athletics team

The Rajasi Muay Thai Team


Elizabeth McGarry is the co-founder and creative director at MCGARRY&sons, a product, strategy, design, and activation studio in Boston, MA. She is also married to YORK Athletics CEO Mark McGarry. 

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Rajasi Muay Thai team photography:

Leonard Greco Photography


All-City Athletics photography:

Kezia Nathe Photography




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