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YORK Athletics Black Reflective Edition

We built the Black Reflective Edition for the early risers, the 5AM hustlers that cherish those precious morning hours as much as we do. Starting your day early brings many benefits like reduced stress & anxiety (more time for coffee, less rushing around), better sleep (up early, in bed early) and time for exercise or chillin’. Carving out time for yourself in the morning will bring a more positive and relaxed version of you into the workday.

Black Reflective Edition

We got the Henry Mid trainer and Low runner ready for dawn patrol by applying a ‘hi-vis’ reflective treatment to the back panel. When a light source hits this specialized metallic cross-weaved fabric, the light will reflect and illuminate like a flash keeping you safe (yet stealth) in the low-light conditions of your early morning workout or commute. This effect combined with our classic bone white midsole and outsole ensure good overall visibility while maintaining that classic look of a black and white sneaker. The words ‘LOVE’ and ‘FIGHT’ are inscribed on the heel pull-tab, printed in reflective black ink, reminding us that anything worth having in this world requires a fight to maintain.

All-City Athletics wearing Black Reflective Edition

It was a no-brainer to shoot this campaign with the ultimate morning gangsters, Anna Farrant and Jordan Bowers, YORK Athletics brand ambassadors and owners of All City Athletics boxing studio in Vancouver, B.C. These guys know all about those dark early morning hours, and regardless of how crazy the day, they always carve out time to nurture the body & mind in preparation for the day ahead. Self discipline = Self love.

Our product philosophy is simple: incognito aesthetic and functional AF. The Henry sneaker continues to generate industry buzz including the most recent award from Men’s Fitness: “Best Cross Training Shoe of 2018.”

Are you a hustler? Get yourself a pair of the limited edition Black Reflective Edition before they sell out.



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