Liz Rock

My name is Elizabeth Rock and I’ve lost a total of 170lbs. My journey really started back in 2015 when I lost the most important person in the world to me, my grandmother. We had a bond that was very special to me and quite honestly hard for me to explain.... she just got me. When I lost her, you could say that something in me broke but in a good way if that even makes sense. Her passing made me realize that I needed to live and become the best version of myself. That’s when I took my weight-loss journey extremely seriously.

Liz Rock transformation story

The difference between this time and my previous attempts was that my mind was 100% all in. I had the mindset of: “I’m not stopping until this weight is off of me, I’m not stopping until my blood pressure/ blood work is at a normal range. I’m not stopping until I can simply do normal things that people take for granted or don’t even have to think about. I’m not stopping until I can run three miles without stopping.” I was on a mission and I wasn’t stopping for anything!! Along the way, it was natural to feel discouraged but I knew this time around was different. I was fully committed to a new lifestyle.

Liz Rock 

Fast forward to 2019 and the weight is off, my blood work/ blood pressure is normal. The simple things that used to be difficult to do are now easy. I’ve not only been able to run three miles but I’ve gone off and completed 4 marathons and two sprint triathlons. This journey is life long and there will never be an end. This has now become a lifestyle and I am still on this mission but the mission has shifted and the focus is now maintenance. 

Liz Rock and the Unnamed Run Crew

Liz Rock with the local Boston @UnnamedRunCrew, which she co-captains with Lee Belnavis. Learn more about Liz by following her on Instagram @lizzy_rockz

Liz Rock

Liz wears the Henry Optic Mesh in bone

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