We asked the CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs in our life the top 5 items they currently can’t live without. Check out this gift guide for all the hard workin’ hustlers in your life making shit happen…

 YORK Athletics Holiday Gift Giving Guide: For the Boss in your life

Jordan Bowers, co-founder of All-City Athletics boutique boxing studio in Vancouver recommends:

  1. Strength training! It’s cold out, you want to stay inside and eat everything. Only bears can sleep all winter.  Yard Athletics and Loaded Athletics are my favorite places to get a pump on. Burn off the booze and the cookies with some lifts and tone up those muscles in good company. Winter blues? Nope, get so strong you carry the weight of the world on those shoulders for reps!
  2. Rum! Hold the eggnog. Anything you can do with whiskey you can make better with rum. Diplomatico Rum is a fav. Make a rum Negroni, a Paper Tiger or try a Rum old fashion. Don't drink? Even better, your friends need somebody to drive them home.
  3. The Frank! YORK Athletics did it to us again. Slick sneakers that will keep em guessing. Are you a sneakerhead, high-level athlete, fashionisto? All of the above. These kicks will keep you throwing a cuff in your jeans in even the coldest weather, you just gotta show em off. Athlesiure for life! If it doesn't feel good and it doesn't look good, it’s not for us. I’m about the Frankie-baby, every day.
  4. Aesop Skincare, this stuff is nice. Nobody wants a holiday tie, nobody needs more chocolate. Look Good, Train Good is a real thing and I would propose that Smell Nice, Be Nice is a fact. You might already know the delights of good skin care products - if you've got a sensitive thug on your gift list get em something they can use. Keep the birthday suit looking fresh and polished..and moisturized!
  5. Butter Coffee! You don’t need to be in ketosis to enjoy this delightful beverage. This blend of good coffee, ghee or grass-fed butter and MCT oil is the bomb. My favorite coffee is Milano Roasters, Italian soul with that West Coast heart. Brew your coffee, add a tablespoon of butter, and 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil (start with 1 tablespoon until your body is used to it) blend it up for 20-40 seconds for best effects. This is rocket fuel. You get the calories you need to keep your energy rolling steadily until lunch and the caffeine and fat do wonders to keep the ol'brain running at capacity without the crash of regular caffeinated beverages.  Best enjoyed with friends or all by yourself...there is no downside.

    YORK Athletics co-founder, GYK Antler business owner, and family member Travis York recommends:

    1. Evening Machines album by Gregory Alan Isakov
    2. Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc. podcast
    3. Darn Tough, The Standard Crew Light Cushion socks
    4. Ninja Hot & Cold Brew System coffee/tea maker
    5. The Henry Mid Leather in black … gotta love what’s inspired by the family classics


                Mark McGarry, CEO, and co-founder of YORK Athletics is into right now:

                1. Getting wild here, best boxers I've ever owned: Rhone Boxer Brief   
                2. Go to kicks - The Frank Concrete
                3. Podcast - How I Built This 
                4. Go to surfboard: Black Cat Single Fin from Sea Love Surfboards  
                5. Book - Barbarian Days


                Anna Farrant, co-founder of All-City Athletics boutique boxing studio in Vancouver recommends:

                1. Reigning Champ Crimson Satin "mens" Stadium Jacket. Obviously obsessed with crimson for winter as it's our brand color and I am a sucker for a varsity jacket.
                2. Bullet Proof radio bridging my love of neuroscience and wellness, Dave Asprey's (also Canadian) podcast is constantly bringing new ways of thinking about our health to the table #upgradeyourbrain #upgradeyourlife
                3. Nooch Pop Vegan Popcorn. I am actually so savage when it comes to this stuff. Zero shame whole bag in one sitting kind of thing. Tried every flavor and landed on "kinda garlic n' cheesy" available at your local Nesters.
                4. YORK Athletics Henry Leather Mid - I refer to these as my "Going out YORKs" or "dress up YORKs." What a dream, my favorite shoe but elevated for an evening cocktail.
                5. Speaking of cocktails, I love the holidays because it makes my favorite drink even cozier. Negroni (insert Italian food from DiBeppe Cafe -- best spot in Gastown) = 1 part Gin, 1 part Campari, 1 part sweet vermouth... Classics never die! 


                  Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage boxing studio in Fort Collins, Colorado loves anything he can rock from the gym to an outing and not miss a beat. Here are his top 5  must-haves right now:

                  1. Podcasts are huge for me right now. My fave is The Better Human Project by Ryan Munsey and How I Built This by Guy Raz.
                  2. Yamazaki end tables from Huckberry, the dopest men’s site.  
                  3.  Lululemon Storm Field Jacket is life right now
                  4.  My new watch The Springfield by Vortic Watches
                  5. And my Bone and Leather Frank sneakers from YORK Athletics. It’s stylish and performs at a 10.  


                  YORK board member, serial entrepreneur, and family member Kyle York recommends:

                  1. Digging my YORK Athletics kicks, The Frank black / tan. Functional and trendy. Love them! 
                  2. David Ortiz’s The Big Papi Story podcast series. I’ve listened to it several times and it’s straight up inspirational.
                  3. My Vuori bathing suit, as I’m writing this up from sunny Florida after a day at the beach.
                  4. Steve Siebold’s classic book, How Rich People Think, will change your perspective on conquering career success.
                  5. Have you seen the movie, Logan? The song To Leave Something Behind by Sean Rowe steals the emotional ending. Wow!


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