Improving Your Run


Tips to increase run duration, distance, and speed

As holiday season winds down and people begin preparing for the new year, many adopt the tradition of making new resolutions for the upcoming year. Fitness is a popular topic when it comes to resolutions, whether it is implementing a workout routine, exercising more often, or improving your current regimen such as running longer distances or upping your speed to run faster and shave off some time. Running, just like all exercise, takes dedication, consistency, and rest to keep improving. If your resolution is the latter, or if you’re just a dedicated runner who is just looking to keep progressing, here are a few tips on how to run faster and longer. 

How to run faster
Running faster has to be an intentional goal and will require hard work and persistence to see the results, especially if it is a speed that you want to be able to maintain. One of the best ways to increase your running speed is simply through practice. Start incorporating short bursts at a higher pace into your regular runs, then returning to your traditional pace. As you continue to push yourself, your body will become more comfortable and your physical and mental endurance will gradually improve allowing you to maintain these higher speeds more frequently and for longer periods.

Another common practice to running faster is by adding tempo runs into your workout regimen. A Tempo run means that you are running at a slower, steady pace for the entire duration of the run, whether it is ten minutes or an hour. Tempo runs will help a runner to develop speed control but also build strength and speed by reaching the anaerobic threshold and producing lactic acid. Adding these runs will help you reach longer distances and times before reaching the fatigue point.

Increasing muscular strength and endurance is essential for improving running performance, especially when it comes to speed. A great way to start building that endurance is through hill sprints. Running a hard pace uphill for a few seconds will result in more power throughout the stride which will lead to an increase in speed during a run. An added benefit to hill sprints is that it will also benefit running form and posture by keeping the feet directly under body.


How to run longer
Adding additional distance and duration to your run sounds like a much simpler task, but still takes time and effort for the results to show. One of the most common ways for being able to run longer is to simply begin adding more to each run. This can be done through adding distance or time to your run. Start by setting smaller, more attainable goals and working your way up as you progress. Whether it is starting by adding an extra minute to the total duration or an extra tenth of a mile to the distance, these additions will add up.

Taking care of your body will also help improve your running. A healthy diet and staying hydrated, not only just the day of or during the run, will help minimize the discomfort and increase endurance with a run. Another important factor for taking care of your body during the run is to have the right gear, especially comfortable running shoes that can hold up to the challenge.

When it comes to improving your overall running performance, distance and speed, it is important to stay motivated, dedicated, and to remember that it will be a gradual process. It won’t happen immediately just because you want it to, but because you’re willing to put in the work to achieve those goals. It is also crucial to factor in rest days and to give your body time for recovery.

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