Meet Ambassador Anna Farrant


Meet Anna Farrant, one of our longest tenured brand ambassadors and affiliates. The Vancouver native can often be found boxing, hiking and walking her dogs, or exploring the newest spots in town (and usually with a sweet pair of kicks on!) 

York: What initially drew you to the YORK Athletics brand and how did you first hear about the sneakers?

Anna: The first time I laid eyes on a pair of YORKs was in 2016. A boxing client of mine had seen a pair at the Wildfang boutique in Portland, OR and thought I would like them (spolier: she was totally right). Unfortunately, they didn't ship to Canada at the time so I reached out to YORK Athletics directly to do a private order for myself and a few friends. One thing led to another and I ended up flying to Boston to be a part of the launch of their Women's campaign. Not long after that, shipping was opened up to Canada and Vancouver became a hot spot for YORK shoes! 

How did you become a YORK Ambassador and what is being an ambassador really like?

I think what initially drew the company to me was my genuine love of the product. Especially nowadays when so many brands want you to market for them it's so important to me that I really connect with the company. Since 2016 it's really been a two-way street. Like most relationships, it takes work on both sides. YORK has always been supportive of my endeavors and I have always felt thankful to be able to represent them in a way that is super authentic. For anyone that wants to connect with a specific brand I would say that building those connections organically is your best bet! 

It feels very natural for me to share the YORK Athletics brand with my friends and clients because I actually really believe in the shoes and are obsessed with how they look and feel. I love being able to share something that I really enjoy to my network and its important to me that I am supporting smaller/family run businesses.

What is your go-to pair of YORK sneakers / do you prefer different styles for different activities?

The Henry in Bone is my all time favorite YORK sneaker! I wear them casually, denim, dresses, shorts, pretty much an everyday shoe with style. 

I love The Henry Mid when I am boxing, I like the ankle support - I’m usually switching between the leather black/white and the Wrath colorway. 

For strength training, I wear my Franks - with my favorites being the Patchwork and but I am currently rocking the new Camo ones!

I love the Via for dog walks all year round. In Vancouver it rains like 9 months out of the year so they are perfect for hikes and parks with the pups. 

I think it's pretty clear I wear them in my ways. I work in fitness so for me to be able to add my personality in workout clothes is important. I love matching my YORKs with other accessories which helps me express myself during the work week. It can't all be just black stretchy pants ;)


What is your favorite thing about YORK Athletics sneakers / what makes you prefer them to other options? 

So many things. First off is the toe box, it's literally perfect. Not too round and not too narrow. They just feel exactly how sneakers should fit. I love the low profile and minimalism of the branding on the shoes and the constant drop of new colors. They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and give the perfect support when working out, and because the look of them is so verstille they fit with most of my activities which increases their value. 

Where can others find you / connect with you?

You can find me on Instagram under @vancitybanana or @empireboxingpromotions!

Photos taken by @kezianphotography

Would you like to become an ambassador yourself? Email us why you want to become one!


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