Kate Rose Kreizinger is a fitness trainer at Fitbox Method in Miami, Florida with a more than credible background in martial arts. Her love of martial arts started with karate when she was just 5 years old and Taekwando when she was 10, getting her black belt at age 15! She got into Muay Thai a few years ago at Black House MMA. 

Even though she's known as "the sweetheart" at Fitbox, she promises to kick your butt. Here Kate gives us some tips on kicking, wrapping your hands, and why your knees are an important weapon in Muay Thai...

When it comes to kicking in Muay Thai, you want to make sure your balance is on point because with every kick you should be up just a little bit on the ball of your foot that's touching the ground, as well as leaning backwards just a tad. Sounds like a lot to put together but it makes a perfect and strong kick! Flexibility is also key in all aspects of doing Muay Thai. How else would one be able to head kick?!

Wrapping your hands is very important whether you're training or in an actual fight- you should never hit bags without them or you run the risk of injuring yourself possibly permanently. For training, you don't need to wrap them tightly or even go through your fingers or use padding. As long as there's some protection under your glove you'll be good to go! However, if you're heading into a fight you want to make sure your hands are wrapped solid with lots of padding.

Muay Thai knees are not only used to do damage to your opponent, but also to pull them in closer to you so that you can land easier shots. Knees are usually thrown with a combination of punches. A knee is thrown very similar to a kick in the way that you balance your body!

Check out Kate's Instagram feed for more education and inspiration:


And if you're in Miami, check out one of her classes!

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