Joe Buckner is the man. You need a reference on how to live your life to its fullest? You wanna know how to carve your own path with serious swagger? How about what hard work, a fighting spirit, and a positive attitude will get you? Follow Joe Buckner and you’ll start to understand – it’ll get you everywhere.  

When we first met Joe, he had just opened his boxing studio Beautifully Savage in Fort Collins, Colorado. But not one to stop after a success, one business wasn’t enough for this hard-working fighter. Nope. Joe had a dream to bring sneaker-culture and streetwear to Fort Collins via a mobile sneaker shop experience and opened up Good Trbl Shop this year. Joe’s got style, he’s got game, and he always gets g’d up from the feet up, so you can bet the selection he’s curating at Good Trbl is not the same old shit. He specializes in unique, hard-to-find kicks in addition to his own branded apparel. And oh, he’s one of the few people in the US to sell YORK Athletics. 

One of the things that makes Good Trbl Shop unique is that it’s on wheels. A branded Jeep and trailer, Joe’s plan was pop-up shops and private shopping events, being as much about the experience as the swag you’d walk away with. And while that’s been hard to bring to life recently, we know Joe won’t stop until he gets it. Just like Jay-Z, no one’s built like Joe, he designed himself, and he knows hard work is the way to bring his dream to life. 

We asked this multi-business owner how he’s been keeping two businesses alive during a pandemic, where he finds inspiration, and his approach to style in this week’s Everyday Fighter journal entry…


YORK ATHLETICS: What is happiness for you?

JOE BUCKNER: Happiness is being with the people that I love.

YORK: How are you spending this time? Making anything or taking it easy or both?

JOE: I have been working on being as creative as possible but also fighting daily to keep my gym open.

YORK: Has there been a silver lining in all this COVID craziness for you?

JOE: That I don’t have to always be grinding. It’s ok to slow down.

Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage boxing studio in Fort Collins, CO
YORK: What has served as inspiration or motivation to you during this time?

JOE: A new friend named Eric Hinman. Watching him live a truly intentional life has been inspiring. Also, Rashad from MAM Couture.

YORK: What’s your go-to playlist/music at the moment?

JOE: Anything from Meek Mill but also Back To You with Chris Brown and OT Genasis.

YORK: What are you reading/listening to now? (IRL, audio, online mag, podcast)

JOE: Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter by 50 Cent. I listen to a few different podcasts.

Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage boxing studio in Fort Collins, CO
YORK: There is so much content on social media. What kind of content sticks out to you the most?

JOE: Financial education videos on Tik Tok

YORK: Is there a local business you support / want to shout out and why? 

JOE: Besides my two? Old Elk Distillery are great people.

YORK: What or how do you bring balance into your life?

JOE: If I am being honest… I don’t have much balance as I am opening a new business in the middle of a pandemic and trying to keep my current one alive.

Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage Boxing Studio in Fort Collins, CO

YORK: How do you work out stress?

JOE: Chocolate

YORK: How has your workout routine adapted and how do you stay motivated?

JOE: It has been pretty non-existent until about two weeks ago. I tend to get tunnel vision when I am working.

YORK: Do you have any daily rituals?

JOE: Gratitude journal, read 10 pages, drink a gallon of water.

Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage Boxing Studio in Fort Collins, CO

YORK: How does YORK fit into your life?

JOE: I am rarely seen without a pair of YORK Athletics on. They have become a staple of my every day and also my family.

Joe Buckner, owner of Beautifully Savage Boxing Studio in Fort Collins, CO

YORK: What are your top tips for styling footwear -- do you get g’d up from the feet up, for example? What is your fav way to express yourself?

JOE: You know I get G’d up from the feet up. I start with my kicks and then work around that.

 YORK Henry Leather Varsity, worn by Joe Buckner

JOE: In terms of tips: Keep it simple and classic. No boot cut jeans with sneakers. Never lace your kicks.

Henry Half & Half Hot AF worn by Joe Buckner

YORK: What are your go-to places to freshen up your wardrobe (local, IRL or online)? 

JOE: Rhone, Legends, MAM Couture, anywhere really. Inspiration is everywhere if you just pay attention.


Joe Buckner is a serial entrepreneur, father, community leader, and brand ambassador for YORK Athletics, Huckberry, and Rhone. Check out Good Trbl online or the gram for new product drops or upcoming events. You can also check out Joe’s boxing studio Beautifully Savage in Fort Collins, Colorado, or get your daily dose of positive Joe-isms by following him on Insta

Joe owns and loves a lot of YORK footwear! His current favs? The Henry Leather Varsity and Henry Half & Half Hot AF (shown here, 2nd & 3rd from left respectively). 

Joe Buckner's collection of YORK Athletic training sneakers

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