My name is Jazzy and I am a stylist, model, and blogger out of the city of Boston! People ask me all the time how I started, or what lead me to every aspect of my everyday life - and if I am being honest, it was all a matter of learning how to walk in my purpose. Learning ways to fuel my soul every day, instead of doing what was “right” or “expected.” I moved to Miami and studied nursing my first two years in college and quickly realized I could feel the passion and happiness leaving my body. This surely wasn’t something I could continue to do, and upon deciding to move home I changed my major to communications with a minor in journalism. This lasted a few months before I realized I had no intention of sitting in a classroom to learn how to run someone else’s business. I wanted to create and didn’t want to waste another minute. When I finally allowed myself to sit and think about what filled me with joy the blog was born. From there I started working fulltime at Nordstrom styling and building my clientele – all the while building up the blog and networking like crazy to make a name for myself in the city. Blogging lead to modeling and styling lead to one of the best opportunities I’ve had to-date, working for Aritzia. Now I juggle all three, working to meet as many amazing people as I can, all the while building my brand and manifesting the life I’ve always dreamt of. And thinking back it was because of my hard work, persistence, and positive energy that I was able to stay the course. Moral of my story, walk in your purpose - and follow what uplifts you. 

Everyone’s personal style is different but for me, it is about comfort and versatility. My style has morphed insanely over the years but more recently it has been rooted in minimalism and sustainability. I only buy things I can get away with all year and not only that but I work to promote styles out of thrift stores. Clothes just aren’t made the same anymore and it has been my duty in building both my personal wardrobe and my brand to push thrift fashion. Fashion repeats itself, so why not create a timeless wardrobe with pieces you can wear for life that define you.

The Henry Perf Leather is one of the most versatile styles I own - It is a neutral beige that I can work into any outfit I wear. They can be dressed up and down, and are so comfy and supportive. They are light and perfect for just about anyone on the go. I am also so proud that they are designed right in the city where I was born and raised! A quality product that can be worn seasonally with just about anything. 


  • Denim Jacket: Rick’s own
  • Tee: Plan B Skateboards archives
  • Pants: Mountain Research, Bodega
  • Hat: stylists own
  • Socks: NBA official
  • Footwear: YORK Athletics, The Henry Perf Leather

  • Top: vintage Lincoln High track jacket
  • Cross-over Denim: CARMAR Denim
  • Jewelry: stylists own
  • Footwear: YORK Athletics, The Henry Perf Leather


Jazzy Roulhac is a stylist, model, and blogger out of Boston, MA. You can check out her work or connect via Instagram or her blog here:

@thebeautifulbostonian (blog)

Jazzy Personal Styling


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