At York Athletics, all our sneaker designs are optimized for fit. The recent launch of the York Fit Finder combines our emphasis on technology and our brand promise. We want to be on the cutting edge of footwear technology and we care that customers are in the right shoes. The York Fit Finder was designed to facilitate a more encompassing, complete conversation about figuring out what’s best for you, on your time. 

Our proprietary last shape is engineered with over 52 points of measurement to promote a slipper-like fit for balance, comfort, and support. The minimal upper pattern creates a 3-dimensional form that perfectly takes the shape of the last that we worked so hard to perfect. 


With all that work put in to manufacture a premium sneaker, it made sense to continue striving to better understand “fit”. The York Fit Finder will help us as a brand understand the aggregate and what’s really maximizing the best fit. For example, if we confirm that a large majority of our customers have two different size feet, how can we as a brand deliver a better experience or product? Knowing we can become true experts in the future of footwear, we want to reinform every aspect of our design, perhaps even offering things like split sizing in the future. 

Through the York Fit Finder, we look to see our users as a whole through information and data so we can continue to educate people on their footwear needs. We are striving to listen to our sneaker community and those using this technology to use it as a full feedback loop ensuring we continue to be pioneers in the future of footwear. 

The Benefits:

  1. It’s a web application: We felt strongly that we weren’t in a place to ask our consumers to download another app, taking up needed space on their phones and collecting information that simply wasn’t providing much utility after the first time using it. As a web app, it creates a more fluid customer experience for those who are already browsing our website. 
  2. It’s simple: We’ve designed a technology in how our consumers already choose to do business with us as an individually owned, direct-to-consumer training footwear brand. It was designed to be exceptionally user friendly, but accurate above all else!
  3. It's tailor-fit: The right fit is so important to each individual's needs and foot shape, which is something this technology is designed to recognize. It’s all about educating people that "fit" is something they may not have thought about before but should begin to consider. 



Consumers deserve to get the right fit the first time. Our brand has always been about how our product helps solve for an optimal fit, but we’ve never had a way to make sure it’s more customized to individuality, until now. 

When your kicks fit, you’re fit to work hard, fit to work out, and fit to be a more comfortable you. The future of footwear lies in the York Fit Finder. Check out which styles you want to try on next.

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