How to Style Sneakers for Work


How to Style Sneakers for Work

When putting together an outfit, especially for a professional or work setting, the shoes can be an integral element of your ensemble. Depending on the setting and tone of the workplace, a formal option or dressier shoe may be required, but as hybrid working has become more popular and many offices and businesses have shifted into the realm of business casual, sneakers have become a viable way to add some personal flair, style, and comfort into your wardrobe. 

Choosing the Right Pair of Sneakers for Work

When it comes to feeling and looking professional while rocking your favorite kicks, here are some tips and considerations for choosing sneakers for work.

  1. Make them Match

Not only do sneakers need to match and work with your outfit, but they should also match the setting and occasion of where you’re heading. If you’re going to wear sneakers, one of the first things you want to do is make sure that they are appropriate for the setting you’re going to be in. While sneakers have gained popularity in formal settings, such as the red carpet, there are still going to be some instances that you may want or need to opt for something dressier.

When it comes to matching your outfit, there are a few ways you can approach this. One easy way to make sure your kicks are going to match is to choose a neutral color of sneaker. Going with neutrals will give your sneakers the versatility to work in a variety of outfits and color schemes, granting a wider range of possibilities. A nice black or white sneaker will work with virtually any outfit while subtly upping your style and comfort during the day.

If you want to add some color with your kicks, you can wear more neutral colors above the feet or match the color of your shoes to a color in your shirt, jacket, or accessories for that cohesive, intentional, and put together look. Say you have a killer maroon sweater or button up that you want to break out, throwing on the Henry Mid Wraths or Henry Sweatshirts will give you that extra pop of color and work perfectly with a pair of jeans, khakis, or black bottoms.

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  1. Step-up the Style 

Choosing the right style of sneaker can also be a big factor for picking the right pair to wear to work. If you’re in a more business than business casual environment, having a more minimalistic style sneaker can blend in more easily and still give a sleek look and feel to your outfit. Some athletic shoes can be more difficult to pull off in a non-workout or out of a casual setting, but a more simplistic design offers a better range to looking good in or out of the gym.

The material of your sneakers can also help you style them. A leather pair of sneakers can often be dressed up more easily, but a canvas or mesh pair can be a more versatile sneaker option and easily work with a pair of jeans.

Sneakers also need to fit your own personal style. Thinking about your wardrobe and what you wear most often, from the colors and the types of clothes (jeans vs slacks or a skirt or t-shirts over button downs and blouses) will also help choose the appropriate pair of sneakers for you. At the end of the day, you should love the shoes you’re wearing and that confidence will also make pulling them off even easier.

  1. Fit, Comfort, and Versatility

Sneakers can do more than just make or break your outfit. Having a pair of great fitting shoes can keep you more comfortable during your workday, which can lead to taking fewer breaks during the day due to discomfort. 

Another added perk of having a versatile pair of sneakers at work is the opportunity to add some exercise into your day, comfortably. Want to take advantage of the beautiful weather? Sneakers can encourage you to go for a walk on your lunch break if it’s nice outside. Wanted to hit the gym after work but forgot to pack your other shoes? No problem, the right pair of kicks can easily fill in for your workout.

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