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Your workout is only as good as the sneakers you’re wearing. While YORK footwear is made to be put through the ringer, like all shoes, they only last so long. This is especially true if you’re putting in that hustle & hard work day in and day out, maximizing those physical and mental health benefits.

All sneakers have a lifespan – each step breaks down the cushioning in the midsole foam which is essential for absorbing impact. We’ve engineered our foam to be highly responsive, which means our sneakers actually respond to ground impact, providing energy return, instead of feeling 'flat' or 'dead' under your foot. Because of this we recommend that you replace your fav sneakers using the following industry guidelines...

WALKING. Replace every 300-500 miles. Walking is lower impact, so you can get more miles in. But weight is also a factor – the more you weigh, the faster your sneakers will break down. The average active person walks 4 miles a day, in which case, we recommend replacing kicks every 4 months.

RUNNING. Replace every 300-500 miles. Running is higher impact, especially if you’re pounding the pavement, and your foot strike also affects wear. Weight is even more of a factor with running. Higher weights and increased impact of running will lead to shoes breaking down faster.

GYM TIME/FITNESS CLASSES. The recommendation is to replace footwear every 4-6 months, although this varies based on the type and frequency of activity, so pay close attention to signs of wear.

SIGNS OF WEAR. Depending on the type and frequency of activity, wear will appear in different areas, but look for these signs that it’s time for a fresh pair:

  • The outsole tread is wearing down
  • They don’t feel as responsive
  • They feel less cushiony     
  • The upper is showing signs of break down
  • The lining is fraying or ripping
  • Listen to your body, especially if you start feeling aches and pains in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, or lower back


  • Avoid concrete. Concrete is 20x harder than asphalt so when possible, walk/run on asphalt or ever better, dirt. 
  • Have multiple pairs and rotate them. Shoes are like our bodies, the more time they have to recover, the longer they last. If you have a few pairs of shoes that you can rotate, you can potentially increase the life span of the shoes 3-fold. The reasoning behind this is that you give the foam insole more time to 'recover' and decompress. 
  • Keep your shoes dry. We have personally found that after running in the rain, our shoes feel flatter the next day and tend to wear out quicker. If your shoes get soaked, take the insoles out and stuff them with newspaper. This will help them absorb moisture. 

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